Reflection on the 2023 Sustainability Career Boot Camp with PwC

Boot Camp Blog Post

The annual 2023 Sustainability Career Boot Camp, hosted by the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business, provided Stern undergraduate students with an intensive training program to prepare them for a variety of sustainability-oriented careers. In a presentation led by 11 PwC ESG professionals, students were exposed to the key skills and frameworks for a career in sustainability. An hour-long case study facilitated by members of the PwC team provided insights into a typical ESG consultation project. After a dedicated networking session and Q&A panel, an on-site PwC recruiter offered a direct point-of-contact for future opportunities.


To learn more about the boot camp, read Christopher Lee's reflection below.

Christopher Lee
BS '26
Concentration: Sustainable Business and Management


Briefly describe your experience at the 2023 Sustainability Career Boot Camp with PwC.


As a first-year student at Stern, I am often asked my concentration. With so many opportunities available, choosing a concentration can be daunting. I have always been interested in Sustainability, but was unsure of how to translate my interest into a career. attending the Sustainability Careers Boot Camp provided me with much-needed clarity. I can now say with absolute certainty I am concentrating in Sustainable Business.

The Center for Sustainable Business' programming coupled with PwC's knowledgeable panel of professionals offered insights into a career in ESG consulting. Sophie De Koning-Teasdale, a senior manager at PwC and our group's facilitator, shared her path into sustainability and the numerous opportunities available at PwC, including the chance to work with teams abroad. Her experiences in the London office offered insight into PwC's openness to inter-departmental changes and abundance of opportunities overseas.

Unlike other networking and informational events I have attended at Stern, this event truly encouraged dialog between students and professionals. The professionals from PwC came from diverse backgrounds, offering students a glimpse into the various roles available in ESG consulting. I was fortunate enough to connect with Arame Niang, a Senior Associate at PwC, who shared her experiences at B-Lab and Ashoka and discussed what motivated her to pursue an ESG career at PwC. The formal, yet laid-back, environment helped me learn and explore, but also make lasting connections with my peers and industry professionals.

The event also featured a Speed Consulting Exercise, which allowed us to connect with our peers and gain a better understanding of the diverse groups of people we could be working with in the future. The formal yet laid-back atmosphere made learning and exploring much more enjoyable, and I came away with lasting connections and newfound knowledge.


Tell us about one fun fact or surprising/interesting concept you encountered.

During the Speed Consulting Exercise I was surprised by the diversity of solutions our group brought to the table. A problem that might have seemed cut-and-dry at first was actually multi-faceted and required us to take into account many stakeholders when determining the best solution. The exercise highlighted the interconnectedness of ESG issues. As we worked through the problem with help from our PwC Facilitator, we realized that the solution we came up with for one stakeholder group could have unintended consequences for another. Our group came to understand the need for holistic thinking and balancing competing interests when addressing ESG challenges. Overall, the Sustainability Careers Boot Camp was an invaluable experience. It gave me clarity about my career path, provided me with industry insights, and allowed me to connect with professionals and peers alike. The event also made me reflect on whether I could see myself working in a sustainability related career, and I can confidently say that the answer is a resounding yes.