CSB ROSI™ Methodology Highlighted in Sustainable Brands Report

Sustainable Brands ROI
Sustainable Brands® highlighted the CSB ROSI™ Methodology in their report: "Five Case Studies Proving the ROI of Sustainability," released in September 2019.

Excerpt from the introduction: "There is no longer the need to struggle to effectively measure Return on Investment (ROI) of sustainability initiatives. Sustainability shouldn’t be different from any other business function when it comes to judging and tracking investment decisions and how they perform or add value to the business. As businesses seek to achieve the meaningful change needed to support resilient business models along with social and environmental product and service innovations, the ability of companies to quantify the ROI of sustainability becomes paramount.

In a continued effort to distill and curate valuable content for the Sustainable Brands® community, we have pulled together this complimentary compilation of five research studies that collectively demonstrate the positive ROI of sustainability from a variety of angles, including company revenue, stock performance, cost reduction, brand reputation, and consumer engagement benefits, accounting for externalities, reduced risk exposure, and more."

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