Rethinking Capitalism through Business Education

Given the challenges presented by the coronavirus crisis, companies are making decisions around frameworks for stakeholder management and creating shared value. In a new article for Worth, CSB Director, Tensie Whelan, and Senior Associate Director, Sophie Rifkin, explain how business schools such as NYU Stern are beginning to integrate an interdisciplinary view of capitalism into their curriculums to develop the next generation of resilient business leaders. New centers focused on sustainable business, specialized MBA programs, and an abundance of business research are shifting the way in which students learn about business and society. 

Excerpt: On the shift, "Amy Gu, NYU Stern MBA ’20 noted that her class 'engaged in a conversation that was larger than just making a profit: the ‘why’ or ‘why bother’ behind balance sheets and marketing strategies.' She explained, 'This conversation at times reinforced and at times challenged what I learned in my other courses, but ultimately bestowed a greater sense of purpose around the impact that business can have on our world.'"

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