CSB Launches Framework to Drive Sustainability in Apparel with HSBC, EILEEN FISHER, and REI

At Bloomberg's Sustainable Business Summit, CSB launched its novel research using the Return on Sustainability Investment (ROSI) to assess sustainability efforts across the apparel industry value chain, offering eight strategies companies can use to drive impact. 

With support from HSBC Bank USA, and in partnership with EILEEN FISHER, Reformation, and REI, the CSB team, including CSB Director, Tensie Whelan, Director of Corporate Engagement & Research, Sophie Rifkin and Research Associate, Rithu Raman developed a monetization toolkit that can help apparel companies rethink their business models with sustainability strategies that drive financial value. 

The eight strategies identify a range of ways companies can increase their operational efficiency, from investig in waste management and sustainbale raw material sourcing, to prioritizing employee & supplier well-being. 

In WWD's article, authors emphasize the financial benefits accrued by EILEEN FISHER when they used ROSI methodoloy to shift their transportation mix from air transport to sea and trucking transport. In doing so, they saw $1.6 million in cost savings in 2019, compared to 2015.

Excerpt: "The monetization is critical due to COVID-19 because these companies are really struggling.” CSB Director, Tensie Whelan 

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