CSB & EILEEN FISHER Make the Case for Sustainable Apparel

With support from HSBC Bank USA, NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business partnered with a set of apparel companies to create the Apparel Industry Sustainable Strategies Framework, in which CSB's Return on Sustainable Investment (ROSI) methodology is used to estimate the value of tangible and intangible benefits that apparel companies can accrue by making strategic investments in more sustainable business practices. 

As a leading sustainable apparel company, EILEEN FISHER sought to identify and monetize its current financial and societal benefits of prioritizing lower carbon modes of transportation and investing in circular take-back programs. 

The case study, "The Business Case for Sustainable Apparel at EILEEN FISHER," shares the process by which CSB leveraged ROSI to analyze the following: 

Reducing GHG emissions: The company committed to reduce its absolute carbon emissions from inbound logistics by 2020 by prioritizing more carbon-efficient modes of transportation.
Reducing clothing waste: EILEEN FISHER was also an early adopter of clothing take-back programs, and its Renew line, launched in 2009, helps customers keep clothing out of landfill by bringing it back to EILEEN FISHER for resale

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