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Center for Sustainable Business | 2023 Undergraduate Sustainability Alumni Liaison

Are you looking for insight into how to best leverage the social impact and sustainability programming at Stern and how it can translate into a career in sustainable business? 

Sign-up for a one-on-one chat with the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business’ (CSB) 2023 Sustainability Alumni Liaison, Maggie Paruta! Maggie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and Sustainable Business from Stern (‘20) and is currently an Associate Research Scholar with the Return on Sustainability Investment team at CSB.


The Sustainability Alumni Liaison can help answer questions related to…

  • Navigating Stern's social impact / sustainability curriculum
  • Understanding what a career in social impact / sustainability looks like
  • Getting involved in CSB's undergraduate programming (events, boot camp, research assistants)
  • Learning more about CSB's research (Return on Sustainability Investment, Sustainable Market Share Index, etc.)
  • Directing students to additional resources that exist within CSB, Business & Society Program, Social Impact Programming, PDCE, and more.


Please fill out this sign-up form to schedule a meeting with Maggie. Note: Maggie's calendar to sign up for an appointment will be provided once the form is submitted.