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GreenBiz: Beginner or embedder? Assess your company's sustainability maturity

CSB's Tensie Whelan and Chisara Ehiemere define embedded sustainability and share an interactive self-assessment tool to evaluate a user's current performance across four core areas as a benchmark for the next ph

Center for Sustainable Business
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New York Times: Few Are Trading In Dangerous E-Bikes for Safer Ones, Despite Fire Risk

The Economic Commute Project, an initiative co-founded by Invest NYC SDG, was featured in a New York Times piece as an innovative solution to dangerous e-bike batteries disproportionately impacting low-income deliver workers.  The t

Center for Sustainable Business
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Supermarket Guru: Decoding the Complexities of Sustainable Purchasing

Senior Scholar Randi Kronthal-Sacco appears on Phil Lempert's podcast sharing key findings and best practices for marketers leveraging sustainability messaging in a way that best resonates with customers and is more likely to drive purchase. 


Center for Sustainable Business

Harvard Business Review: Research: How to Effectively Market Green Products

Tensie Whelan and Randi Kronthal-Sacco discuss insights from research on the most effective sustainability marketing claims.


Center for Sustainable Business

ImpactAlpha: Flex of worker power raises the stakes for quality jobs

Tensie Whelan and Ulrich Atz published a byline on their findings from analyzing more than 1000 job-related metrics, and the financial and social costs of the data that is still missing from these most common disclosures.


Center for Sustainable Business

NPR: Republican Attacks on ESG Aren't Stopping Companies in Red States from Going Green

Tensie Whelan is quoted in an article discussing ESG, the backlash, and the corporates pushing it forward.


Center for Sustainable Business

Forbes: Consumers Respond To Sustainability Claims About Better Health, Cost Savings

"Companies that make too-abstract claims about sustainability in their marketing and advertising might be better off opting for a more personal approach. And messages about improving health or saving money tend to be effective.

Center for Sustainable Business

GreenBiz: Green Marketing Can Boost Brands' Reach By A Third, Study Finds

"Effective environmental sustainability messaging in corporate communications can enhance brand reach among consumers by up to a third, according to new "first of its kind" research that demonstrates how 'the sustainability amplifier effect is real.'