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CSB and HBS Partner to Show How ROSI™ and IWA Methodologies Can Drive Impact Valuation Decisions

The adoption of sustainable practices increasingly drives better management and financial performance, and companies with strong ESG performance are being rewarded by stakeholders.

Center for Sustainable Business
Sustainability Executive Courses

CSB Director Tensie Whelan Helps Trained Sustainable Finance Professionals Close Knowledge Gap

As sustainable investing is becoming an increasingly important in traditional firms, more graduate programs are offering classes in sustainable finance and ESG investing.

Center for Sustainable Business
McDonalds Toys

WSJ Feature: CSB Director Tensie Whelan Discusses McDonald's Shift Towards Sustainability

McDonald’s is a big player in the toy market and are making great strides towards making its toys environmentally friendly. CSB Director

Center for Sustainable Business
Amazon Climate Pledge

Is Amazon's Climate Pledge Greenwashing?

Despite its many signatories, experts are suspicious of Amazon’s recent climate pledge as greenwashing, or a false signaling of their environmental commitments. 

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Board Lacking

Boards Lack ESG Experience Necessary for Addressing Material Issues

Of 1188 Fortune 100 board directors, only 29% were found to have relevant ESG credentials, according to ​​CSB Director

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SRI Investing

CSB's Research Links ESG and Financial Performance

Corporations can drive better financial performance through mediating factors such as improved risk management and innovation. These benefits are evidenced in the long-term and help to provide downside protection, especially during a social or economic crisis. 

Center for Sustainable Business
Amazon workers in warehouse

What do ESG Ratings for Large Companies Really Convey?

Amazon is the second-largest employer in the U.S., but has its focus on financial outlooks made them neglect the existing workplace issues within?