CSB Research Grant Program

In 2018, CSB launched its Research Grant Program for Stern Faculty and PhD students. Read details below.


NYU Stern’s Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) envisions a better world through better business. CSB offers faculty research grants related to our mission: to ensure current and future business leaders develop the knowledge and skills to embed sustainability in core business strategy so they can reduce risk; create competitive advantage; develop innovative services, products, and processes; while building value for society and protecting the planet. The CSB defines the 21st-century corporation as one that embeds sustainability core to its business strategy, creates value for key stakeholders and society, and helps to solve the challenges we have before us. Our thematic research areas include:
  1. Tracking the financial case for sustainability,
  2. Shifting from short-term, shareholder value creation to long-term, stakeholder value,
  3. Engaging consumers around sustainability, and
  4. Sustainability-driven innovation and business opportunities.
Faculty grants are strictly for research and can complement CSB research or expand beyond our Center-driven projects, while still adhering to our core mission. Grants that complement CSB thematic areas of focus of CSB will receive preference.  Examples of activities CSB might fund include data purchase or research assistance. Any full-time Stern faculty member or Ph.D. student may apply. Collaborations with Ph.D. students are encouraged.  

Past Awardees
2020 Grant Awardees
2019 Grant Awardees
2018 Grand Awardees

How to Apply
Grants will be awarded annually. The current application window is closed. The next window for grant applications will open in Q4 2020 and end January 31, 2021. 
Application is a single pdf file containing: 
  1. Project description: Two pages that include the objective, research design, methods, and expected outcomes, including publication strategy. Please also include an abstract. 
  2. Statement on how the project addresses CSB mission and thematic areas.  
  3. Budget: No more than one page including a short budget and budget justification. Identify any complementary sources of funds (e.g. STAR funds, NSF, or other sources). We accept requests for funds between $5K and $10K. 
  4. Current CV 

Grant Guidelines
  • Funding requests can range between $5K and $10K. Funding is available for data acquisition and for fieldwork travel. Data acquisition costs should be documented in the budget.  
  • RA support will be capped ($7,500).  
  • Travel funding to work with co-authors is capped ($500 for domestic airfare; $1,000 for international airfare). 
  • No funding for: travel to conferences, equipment investment, or RAs outside of NYU. The Center does not reimburse outlays made prior to the award of a grant. All else being equal, preference will be given to applications from junior faculty and new applicants. 
  • In addition, there is a bias against funding more than one project per applicant per cycle.

Grant Conditions
Acceptance of a CSB research grant indicates agreement with the following conditions: 
  • The details of the grant will be announced on the Center's website. 
  • If the research is published, a statement should be included as follows: “This research was funded in part by NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business Faculty Grant Program.” 
  • Evidence (e.g. receipts) of how the funds have been spent will be submitted to CSB as soon as possible, but no later than six months following the grant (unless otherwise specified). 
  • Within six months (unless otherwise specified), the grantee will submit a brief research note (e.g. several paragraphs) that documents research progress for posting on the CSB website. Any data purchased or created with Center grant funds will be made available to all Stern faculty and Ph.D. students, subject to vendor restrictions. 
  • Published papers or white papers to be shared with CSB for posting on the CSB website.