Next Generation Enterprise Design

This event is hosted by the Fifty by Fifty Initiative of The Democracy Collaborative and NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business. We will bring together a group of pioneering business leaders for a day-long discussion of this powerful next generation enterprise design. Fifty By Fifty, a project of the Democracy Collaborative, will share new research about the performance, resilience, and durability of employee-owned for-benefit corps. The following topics will be discussed:
• What new ownership and governance designs are needed if business is to truly be a force for good?
• Are mission-controlled, employee-owned companies better environmental stewards than conventional finance-controlled corporations?
• Is transitioning to employee ownership a powerful path to keeping a firm’s social and ecological mission alive, compared to selling a firm to an outside   investor?
• How can we encourage more firms to protect their missions and empower their employees?
• What will happen to thousands of successful Benefit corps after their founders retire?

Host Committee:
Jay Coen Gilbert, Co-founder, B Lab
Amy Hall, Director of Social Consciousness, EILEEN FISHER
Jeffrey Hollender, Co-founder and CEO, Sustain Natural
Marjorie Kelly, Executive Vice President, The Democracy Collaborative
Ian McFarlane, President and CEO, EA Engineering, Science and Technology
Tensie Whelan, Director, NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business