Roadmaps Festival: Lessons From COVID-19 to Address Climate Change

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The event, run by Isabel Sheinman, MBA '21, among others, will discuss our new Covid-19 reality and its relationship to the Climate Crisis. They will help us understand the ripple effect of these crises on our future and the urgent need to influence policy change. This event will also feature a special video art installation by Roadmaps 2020 artist in residence Costas Picadas.

Roadmaps Festival began four years ago as an artistic, humanitarian and cultural event to bring together artists, humanitarians, journalists and intellects to explore a current global crisis through film, music, art, performance and discussion.

As COVID-19 is completely restructuring our daily lives, so too is the virus rerouting the purpose, structure and style of our Roadmaps Festival for 2020-2021. During these trying times, the work of Roadmaps Festival is ever more vital. The coronavirus forces us to reconsider the fundamental notions of relationships, work, and value, and through Roadmaps Festival, we will create space to bring these important issues to the forefront. As always, the goal of Roadmaps Festival is to share through a broad lens, covering cross-cultural perspectives on the issues at hand and bringing a global message to our local communities. 

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