Business Perspectives on Quality Jobs and Worker Wellbeing – Student Event

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Note: This event is open to NYU students only.

Event Description
In this student event hosted in partnership with the student-led NYU Stern Economic Development Group, CSB and research sponsors from Prudential and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will share insights from our Quality Jobs and Worker Wellbeing research initiative, which explores whether investing in improving the quality of employment is beneficial for corporate financial performance and investor returns. 

Over the last 50 years, many corporations have increasingly treated employees as an expense to be minimized or an externality-- through outsourcing, offshoring, or automation. Some employees that remain on payroll often earn less than a living wage, receive minimal benefits, and have stressful working environments. As this corporate approach has been justified in the name of improving shareholder returns, CSB is exploring the drivers and financial benefits of quality jobs for companies in the Russell 1000 Index, using unique ESG data provided by our collaborators, JUST Capital and Arabesque. We employ a novel framework to assess the security, viability, and flexibility of jobs across the Russell 1000 and determine if, and how, job quality and creation result in improved corporate financial performance and shareholder returns.

  • Deborah Bae, Senior Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Sarah Keh, Vice President of Inclusive Solutions, Prudential Financial
  • Tracy Van HoltResearch Associate Professor, NYU Stern
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