Guilt-free coffee pods? Meet the 100% compostable answer to your caffeine fix

Excerpt from The Guardian -- "Most single-serving coffee pods are not completely recyclable, but a growing number of coffee sellers are rolling out pods that can be tossed into the compost. Millions of Americans get their morning cup of joe by dropping a small capsule, or pod, of ground coffee into a machine. It’s a fairly popular ritual – nearly 30% of US households own a coffee pod machine, according to a recent report from the National Coffee Association.But the convenience of these pods comes with an environmental cost: they are typically made from partly- or un-recyclable plastic, which ends up in landfills. It’s something that is starting to weigh on consumers’ conscience, according to Tensie Whelan, director of New York University’s Center for Sustainable Business, and former president of the Rainforest Alliance. “People love the convenience of the single serving, and they’re going to go for convenience over waste,” said Whelan. “But most people feel guilty about it.""

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