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CSB Director Tensie Whelan Discusses How to Govern, Monitor, and Measure Sustainability

Social investing and sustainability-as-strategy are more widespread than they have ever been. As such, many corporate boards are giving increased attention to sustainability’s role in M&A, capital allocation, and capital raising.

Center for Sustainable Business
Gas station pump

CSB Publishes New Case Study, “The Campaign to Reenergize ExxonMobil”

Active ownership is gaining traction as an ESG investing strategy. With the power to directly influence a company’s decision-making, investors are paying more attention to how active ownership can make substantive progress in corporate sustainability.

Center for Sustainable Business
Beaker on the periodic table

Green Chemistry-Marketed Products Lead Sector Growth, Finds GC3 Report Produced with CSB

Sustainable consumerism is making waves in many sectors, including household chemical products such as dish detergent, household cleaners, skincare, pool chemicals, and many more.

Center for Sustainable Business
Wind farm

CSB and Rockefeller Asset Management Research Initiative Offers Guidance on Net-Zero Emissions

An increasing number of companies are turning to net zero as a way to reduce their environmental impact as concern surrounding global warming and climate change grows around the world.

Center for Sustainable Business
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Washington Post Feature: CSB Director Tensie Whelan Highlights Growing Consumer Demand for Sustainable Apparel Brands

After being criticized for destroying inventory to maintain exclusivity, luxury brands are putting more focus on sustainability.

Center for Sustainable Business
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WSJ Feature: CSB Director Tensie Whelan Advises Consumers Interested in Purchasing Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets are gaining popularity as a way for consumers to reduce the effects of their activities on the environment.

Center for Sustainable Business
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CSB Senior Scholar Randi Kronthal-Sacco Discusses the Future of Sustainability in Marketing

An increasing number of brands are incorporating sustainability pledges into their corporate strategies. With the adverse effects of climate change being more prevalent and severe in recent years, pressure is mounting on the world’s biggest firms to rethink their impact on the environment.

Center for Sustainable Business
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CSB and HBS Partner to Show How ROSI™ and IWA Methodologies Can Drive Impact Valuation Decisions

The adoption of sustainable practices increasingly drives better management and financial performance, and companies with strong ESG performance are being rewarded by stakeholders.

Center for Sustainable Business
Sustainability Executive Courses

CSB Director Tensie Whelan Helps Trained Sustainable Finance Professionals Close Knowledge Gap

As sustainable investing is becoming an increasingly important in traditional firms, more graduate programs are offering classes in sustainable finance and ESG investing.

Center for Sustainable Business
McDonalds Toys

WSJ Feature: CSB Director Tensie Whelan Discusses McDonald's Shift Towards Sustainability

McDonald’s is a big player in the toy market and are making great strides towards making its toys environmentally friendly. CSB Director