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Center for Sustainable Business | Suma Swaminathan (MBA '15)

Suma Swaminathan (MBA '15)

Suma SwaminathanVice President, Private Equity, Developing World Markets

Suma Swaminathan is Vice President, Private Equity at Developing World Markets (DWM). 

To learn more about Ms. Swaminathan's career, listen to CSB's alumni podcast, The Sustainability Project, launched in January 2021 in celebration of CSB's 5-year anniversary. In the fourth episode, Tim Quinn (MBA ‘16) Vice President, Financial Communications & Capital Markets at Edelman), interviews Ms. Swaminathan on her experience navigating career changes and she offers unique insight on the impact investing landscape in India and other emerging markets.

She also shares DWM’s investment strategy for building financial resilience and provides commentary on the development of the microfinance industry.

Listen to the podcast episode for free on Anchor or Spotify.